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Gay & Lesbian Bars & Clubs "updated 11.09.2010"

Otherside Istanbul 212 235 79 14
İstiklal Str Zambak Str No:2 5th Floor Taksim (Next to French Consulate)
It is one of the largest clubs in the city with the terrace smoking free.
Otherside is open for years as cafe & bar and serving as a club for years. Its customers are loyal, you can see some of them every weekend there. Otherside has GoGo Boys &. DragQueen show. It is a good choice for Friday and Saturday nights, for clubbing and getting ready for fun and having drinks. If you plan to go a few clubs in one night. Start the night with Otherside! They sometimes have theme nights like, Turkish Night, Chinese Night and Club night on Friday & Saturday. Also open every wednesday. 
Love Dance Point
Cumhuriyet Caddesi 349/1, Harbiye 212 296 33 57

Love is a small but quite fun place. It is not located in the heart of all clubs at Taksim, located close to taksim opposite the Military Museum in Harbiye after Hilton Hotel. The aircondation really works well. Waiters are very kind and cute. They have different party style with the dress of the waiters and shows. Highly recommended!
PS. Entrance is free on Fridays, 20TL on Saturdays for gays and 25TL for ladies. Entrance fee is including one local drink.

Meşrutiyet Caddesi Kallavi Sokak No.12 Beyoğlu
Fridays & Saturdays between 23.00-05.00

XLarge is a gay club in town opened in a very known old building. It is called Elhamra where The French Theatre had taken place in 1830s. After a big fire and renovation, it was used for Turkish theatre and cinema. They started to show erotic films after 1976. It has reconstructed after the second fire in 1999 and started to serve as a Club. After a few failed management tries by some Clubs, Xlarge Club has a long bar lies in front of the scene that makes everyone to buy drinks easily without waiting on turn or crowd. I recommend you to buy bottle drinks since you might not like little vodka amount in drinks. The customer profile is nice. You can see a mixed profile of gays and straight couples also.The club is busy between 1.00am and 2.00 with nice Shows, dargqueens and GoGo boys.

Cheeky Club & Red(Dark) Room
Beyoglu, Turkey, 34000

A brand new club offers its red room which has first and only one dark room atmosphere in Turkey. Cheeky is not a large club, however it makes the area crowded even with 50 people which makes the atmosphere warm. Then it makes you ready to have a look to Red Room :) Even you think you are not into these kinds of actions. Club is open between 23.30 and 05.30. I will recommend you to go there after 1.30 - 2.00 when Red Romm gets warmer and warmer :)
Staff and management are very friendly and welcoming. 

Tek Yön
Beyoğlu - Sıraselviler Str

Tek Yön means One Way!
Tek Yön is really a surprising place with its customer profile; locals, tourists, famous turkish actors or singers, famous fashion designers, bears, really smart guys or old fat men not in modern or suitable clothes (when you see them at the street in day, i am sure you bet they are not gay). You surprisingly and suddenly can be harrassed by anyone passing or dancing next to you. Actually this chaos calls them to have fun in this place. I think, people dont care Who you are and all feels themselves on the same level by leaving their money, career or fame when they get in. They generally come to have fun and find someone to enjoy the rest of the night. They moved the place and I went to new place to make some comments for you, even i dont like to have fun with guys who loves to touch that much during the night. Place is really nice and big, great option with its nice terrace. 2 bars are located on two sides and scene in the middle by the wall. No enterance fee! However it's been really disturbing for the last one month that, the waiters come and insist to have your order once you step the place. I can reccomend you to finish the night with Tek Yön and go on having fun with a guy you like there :) Be carefull!
Bigudi Lesbian Cafe & Club (Women Only)
Balo Sokak No:20 4th & 5th floors Beyoğlu Istanbul

Backbahce Lesbian Club(23:00 - 05:00)
Sıraselviler Caddesi, Soğancı Sokak, No:7/1, Cihangir Beyoglu Istanbul

Karantina Lesbian Club(23:00 - 04:00)
Istiklal Caddesi, Imam Adnan Sokak No: 11, Beyoğlu Istanbul

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Hey this is The Jaric's! We will be at Club XLarge next week and are totally excited to meet everyone and see the city. See you all very soon!

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